First Communion and Baseball

First Communion

I am never in pictures of family events. Presumably, this is because I’m generally behind the lens cajoling the kids to stand still, wait, just one more. By the time I’ve gotten a picture where they’re not making faces and/or blinking, they’ve moved on and I’m left standing there. I often tell my husband that if I ever go missing, he’ll have to sketch a picture of me for the authorities – so if you see a stick figure with a big curly head of hair – check the shoe aisle of the local TJ Maxx. That’s probably where I’m hiding.

This weekend was a big day for Flap – he made his First Communion. I wasn’t raised Catholic. In fact, I wasn’t raised anything. My mother felt I should be able to choose my own religion when the time was right, and so, while at Providence College, I had what the Priest described as the “Catholic Triple Play” – I was baptized, and had my First Communion and Confirmation all in one shot. I wanted to give my kids a foundation in religion, though I would be perfectly fine if they chose another religion (or not) that is more meaningful to them when they get older.

Flap is really curious about religion and God and the ceremony around Mass. Sometimes, out of nowhere, he’ll ask me about God and my father or my grandmother and whether they’re together. He also tries really hard to wrap his head around the idea of the Church’s opposition to gay marriage – since we have friends who are gay and married who he thinks are really cool. I love to watch him think things through. At the end of the day, I hope religion will guide him to be loving and giving and kind – and those are the values we really focus on.

Hello – TANGENT!

Anywhoozle – it was great to see all his preparation for the big day pay off: he did everything correctly and was really awestruck by the whole thing. At one point, as he left the pew to bring the gifts to the altar – his first big “job” in the ceremony – he looked over at us and said “Showtime!”

Me and Everybody

Finally, I did manage to get a picture of myself with the kids and my mom. I made Hubby hold the camera!

Base Hit

Sunday, Flap had a baseball game on what was one of the loveliest days we’ve had so far this spring. It was a tough game, but his team fought back at the end to tie things up. When I told him how great I thought it was that his team didn’t give up and how proud I was that they stayed positive, he quoted a card he got the day before: “Jesus was on our side.”

I had no idea Jesus was so into Little League.


What did you do this weekend?



  1. Michelle says:

    Well, as you know, I spent 5 hours in the mall shopping for a graduation dress! Thank goodness we found one!! Now the next adventure, which may take just as long if not longer, is to find some shoes to match!! LOL

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