Everybody Poops – Dealing With Your Own Princess Diana

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! In 1981, I was among 750 million other television viewers watching the wedding of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. I was 10. Maybe you were one of those 10 year olds who could care less about an actual Prince […]

I Have A Sixteen-Year-Old Daughter: I’d Like a Do Over


My baby girl turned sixteen. I have a sixteen-year-old daughter. It seems almost impossible. I remember her birth with nearly the same clarity I recall my own sixteenth birthday. How can both of these events coexist in my memory, so clearly, so closely? Sixteen years went by in a flash, just like everyone said they […]

Monica Lewinsky, Kim Kardashian and Shame


The other morning, a local radio talk show briefly touched on Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk. Laughingly, they wondered at her recent entry into the cyber-bullying discussion. “If she didn’t want to be bullied, she probably shouldn’t have fooled around with the President…” was their conclusion. Maybe they have a point. Frankly, I think they’re missing […]

Sibling Rivalry


I have one brother. He’s a year younger than me (except for 18 days in April, when we’re the same age). I love him to death, and we’re friends now but when we were kids, I often contemplated ways to kill him in his sleep. Okay, maybe that’s extreme. We did not get along. We […]

5 Ways to Survive Your Kitchen Renovation

White Kitchen - Realist Mom

As I’ve been documenting here and on Instagram, we recently downsized and purchased a new home in the same town. While I’m enjoying the associated time and money savings of owning a smaller home, our old house was pretty much “done” whereas the new place needs some TLC. Our first major project was/is a kitchen […]

How I Met Your Step-Father…

Online Dating - Realist Mom

When you’re a divorced mom in a small town, it isn’t easy meeting new people. Scratch that, meeting new people isn’t tough – meeting new people to date is difficult. I wasn’t working at the time, so most of the men I knew were the husbands of my friends, so, of course – NO. Dating […]

The Post in Which I Get Married.

Just Married

I’m 43 and I just got married. Again. That’s probably the most optimistic thing I’ve ever done, next to buying a pair of jeans on sale in a size 2. On a related note, I have a pair of brand new jeans for sale. In my experience, people who have had the unparalleled joy of […]

Kitchen Renovations: Part 1

Oour vaguely colonial kitchen.

I could sub-title this post “Why My Contractor Wants to Kill Me” but that seemed too wordy. I think the urge started somewhere around the time I asked him to grind out the grout between the tiles on half the kitchen floor because it dried way lighter than we expected it to. That makes me […]

Why Those Soft Balls Should Matter.

Soft Balls

Unless you’ve been trapped under a pile of laundry for the past few days, you’ve heard of the NFL controversy charmingly termed “Deflategate.” To summarize, the NFL has been investigating, and has now confirmed that 11 out of the 12 balls used by the New England Patriots in their playoff game versus the Indianapolis Colts […]


Moving Day

About a month ago, we downsized to a “smaller” home. I have to put “smaller” in quotations, because while it is smaller than the house we lived in previously, it is still significantly larger than every apartment and home I grew up in. People often ask me if I “miss” our old house. A few […]