Things I Never Got For Christmas // Things I Never Got For Christmas

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! A few weeks ago, my middle daughter absolutely needed to have a puppy. In spite of the fact that she’s 14, she was standing in my bedroom, tears rolling down her face, showing me pictures of adorable puppies available […]

Mom, Just Do It Yourself! // Moms Should Just Do Everything - It's So Much Easier

If you’re here looking for a post that explains how I installed our bamboo floors or how we replaced a toilet bowl in our house, you’re going to be disappointed. Maybe some other time. What I’m about to tell you will save you years of time – I’m sure of it. These words of maternal […]

I Lost My Motivation // I Lost My Motivation

This should be a post where I tell you all about how I ran a great Boilermaker this weekend. The Boilermaker is among the largest 15K road races in the United States, and a race I’ve trained for and run for the past several years. Except this year. Oh, I ran alright, but on very […]

Men Should Not Wear Flip Flops // Men Should Not Wear Flip Flops

(Note: After this post was completed, my husband felt compelled to defend his position. You’ll see his comments after mine. Welcome to our first “He Said, She Said”, I guess!) There are parts on men that are (I think we can all agree) not attractive. Entertaining? Yes. Nice to look at? Maybe. Does that extend […]

Talking To Kids About Drinking…Sort Of // Talking To Kids About Drinking

When you’re the parent of teenaged girls, they ask you all sorts of questions. These questions seem straightforward enough, but like a desert in a war zone, they’re really booby trapped. Let’s face it, the reality is that we didn’t actually DO (or NOT do) many of the things we advise our own kids to […]

My 5 Favorite Pinterest Dinners| 5 Easy and Delicious Dinners to Make -  If you're looking for some tried and true recipes to  make for dinner when you're short on time, look no further! These are my 5 favorite Pinterest Dinner Recipes

Let’s face it, Pinterest can be an endless rabbit hole of clothing, crafts and cookery. I currently have over 2,000 pins. They’re a mix of decorating ideas, recipes, inspirational quotes, crafts and a ton of other things I just plain like. I’ll be honest: I’ve probably tried about 1.79% of them. I made a wreath […]

10 Real Life Organization Tips // Real Life Organization Tips for Realist Moms

I followed a link from Twitter the other morning entitled “10 Ways to Keep Your House Neat.” Or something like that. It had a bunch of tips ranging from the mundane: “A place for everything and everything in its place” to the ridiculous: “Never stop picking up.” It was tip number 8 that really really […]

How To Avoid Divorce Before You Get Married // How To Avoid Divorce Before You Get Married - 6 Tips

A bunch of my friends are celebrating big anniversaries this week…15 years, 20 years, one couple is even celebrating 25 years. I feel a twinge of jealousy, since I’m back at square one on the anniversary clock. Divorce is the final “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200” card in the marriage deck.  Do […]

Mom Time or Why You Should Hide In Your Car // Yes. I'm hiding in my car. It's quiet and warm in here and I get to pick the music.

I have a deep and abiding love for my car. In addition to being able to fit just about anything from IKEA in the back, and having the driver’s seat perfectly molded to the shape of my ass, it’s my home away from home. More accurately, it’s my home in the driveway of my actual […]

Mom and The Chipmunk: Your Teen Driver

Babes in A Barbie Car - // Mom and the Chipmunk - My Daughter Is Learning to Drive

My oldest daughter has had her learner’s permit for about a month now, and she’s already sent one unfortunate chipmunk to the Great Nutty Beyond. She may send me to the same place, although instead of the nuts, I’d prefer chocolate ice cream and Diet Coke. I am the mother of a teen driver. Many […]