10 Real Life Organization Tips

RealistMom.com // Real Life Organization Tips for Realist Moms

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I followed a link from Twitter the other morning entitled “10 Ways to Keep Your House Neat.” Or something like that. It had a bunch of tips ranging from the mundane: “A place for everything and everything in its […]

How To Avoid Divorce Before You Get Married

RealistMom.com // How To Avoid Divorce Before You Get Married - 6 Tips

A bunch of my friends are celebrating big anniversaries this week…15 years, 20 years, one couple is even celebrating 25 years. I feel a twinge of jealousy, since I’m back at square one on the anniversary clock. Divorce is the final “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200″ card in the marriage deck.  Do […]

Mom Time or Why You Should Hide In Your Car

RealistMom.com // Yes. I'm hiding in my car. It's quiet and warm in here and I get to pick the music.

I have a deep and abiding love for my car. In addition to being able to fit just about anything from IKEA in the back, and having the driver’s seat perfectly molded to the shape of my ass, it’s my home away from home. More accurately, it’s my home in the driveway of my actual […]

Mom and The Chipmunk: Your Teen Driver

Babes in A Barbie Car - RealistMom.com // Mom and the Chipmunk - My Daughter Is Learning to Drive

My oldest daughter has had her learner’s permit for about a month now, and she’s already sent one unfortunate chipmunk to the Great Nutty Beyond. She may send me to the same place, although instead of the nuts, I’d prefer chocolate ice cream and Diet Coke. I am the mother of a teen driver. Many […]

Snow Cones vs. XBox

RealistMom.com // XBox vs. Field Days - If I can get the kids outside, I'm going for it!

I have a love-hate relationship with certain electronics. I am deeply in love with my iPhone, even though we sometimes need to spend a little time apart to recharge. My son’s XBox, on the other hand? I hate that thing. It’s a soul-sucking demon that lives in the basement. It would eat my son alive […]

It’s Podcast Tuesday! For Your Listening Pleasure…

Our new episode of Couple Take is now available on iTunes, so you can listen while you fold laundry or vacuum, or do whatever you do. (I feel a little bit like Taylor Swift when I say that – without her money. Or looks. Or long string of adorable boyfriends – but still!) This weeks […]

Life Lessons From My Dog

RealistMom.com // Life Lessons From My Dog

I love my dogs. I’ve often said that when I die, I want to come back as a dog. Not as just any dogs, as MY dogs. (I realize that would be a little challenging if I were dead…but go with it!) They have the life – they eat, they sleep and they get loved […]

5 Things My Kids Can’t Do

RealistMom.com // 5 Things My Kids Can't Do

Like yours, my children are each talented in their own way. Jack plays hockey and has some pretty sweet dance moves. Jillian is creative, very funny and plays a mean game of softball. Katie is a skilled equestrian with a great sense of style. I’m proud of the things that they’ve accomplished, and the people […]

Tell Me About My Kids, Please

RealistMom.com // See something, say something.

In the months following September 11th, the New York City Transit Authority implemented a safety campaign, that has since been licensed by The Department of Homeland Security: “If you see something, say something.” The principle is that it takes a community effort to keep a community safe. It’s a broader example of the oft-repeated “It […]

Couple Take Podcast: Marriage Funny Side Up

RealistMom.com // Couple Take Podcast - Marriage, Funny Side Up

I’ve mentioned that Dave is a 30-year veteran of broadcast radio – he’s just happiest in front of a microphone. While he’s busy searching for his next job (and he’s almost there) he suggested we start a podcast. My main qualification appears to be that I enjoy talking. We’ll be launching a new episode every […]